On Sunday, March 4, another edition of the traditional Manuel Belgrano General Cup will be held at the Colonel Suarez Polo Club, and this Sunday the Araya again inscribed their names among the winners. Last year it had been for 4, this was 2 winners of the Main Tournament.

Santiago Araya and Santiago Araya (h) along with Marcelo Frayssinet and Juan Martin Zubía representing Cahuel Hue defeated Chapaleufu 10-6 in the final and champions of the General Manuel Belgrano Cup were consecrated.

In the Copa 3 de Febrero the winner was the team La Albertina (Marcos Harriott, Mariano Uranga, Manuel Plaza de Ayala and Sebastian Harriott), who defeated La Celina 11-10.

To see all the teams and results click here

In the Bajo, the final of the Handicap went to Querencia ( Alberdi Bautista, Segundo Amadori, Santiago Harriott and Jacinto Amadori), who defeated El Candil – Petroenergía. by 12-11 in the final

The Open went to La Esperanza (Paulo Bertola, Cristobal Durrieu, Gonzalo Marcos and Mariano Dalponte), who surpassed El Malón by 13-9 in the Final.

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