Cámara semifinals set

The Cámara de Diputados Cup, which sees sixteen teams up to 29-goals compete, resumed on Sunday at the AAP ground in Pilar. Twelve teams qualified from the Municipalidad de Pilar Cup, while the remaining four came from another competition.

After the weekend matches, the draw for the semifinals have been set. On Saturday, La Mancha and La Irenita won their games to qualify for the next round, while Sunday saw Pilará Etiqueta Negra and Las Monjitas take wins.


Sunday’s results:

Zone C

La Quinta 12-10 San Diego On Tap

Pilará Etiqueta Negra 11-8 La Natividad 30 Yardas

Zone B

La Dolfina 11-8 La Mariana ONA

Las Monjitas 9-7 La Virgencita Betania


Saturday’s results:

Zone A

La Ensenada Octavia 11-6 La Cañada Calavera Tequila

La Irenita 10-8 La Esquina

Zone D

La Aguada 13-11 Chapa Uno

La Mancha 15-9 Alegría Fish Creek


Therefore, La Irenita, Las Monjitas, Pilará Etiqueta Negra and La Mancha Amadeus, winners of their zones, have all qualified for the semis.


The semifinals will take place on Friday in Pilar:

La Irenita vs. La Mancha Amadeus

Pilará Etiqueta Negra vs. Las Monjitas



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