Cambiaso on cruise control for 9-4 win over Scone


In their debut in the 2018 Colorado Open, Adolfo and Poroto Cambiaso led Valiente to a 9-4 victory Sunday over Scone Polo in a game Valiente controlled from start to finish. Their accurate passing attack proved superior to the running style of Scone as 10-goaler Adolfo Cambiaso methodically picked apart the Scone defense throughout  the game. With all four Valiente players scoring at least two goals apiece, Scone couldn’t cover all receivers effectively, and Valiente’s balanced offense ran away with the game.


Igniting the Valiente attack, Adolfo Cambiaso distributed the ball effectively to Poroto and Santi Torres up front, while remaining content to manage the game from the back. Poroto led the attack early in the game, scoring a goal in each of the first two chukkas to give Valiente an early 4-1 lead.


Before the end of the half, Torres added his second goal of the game to extend Valiente’s lead. Held without a field goal in the opening half, Scone’s lone goal came from a safety conversion for Agustin Nero. With just three combined fouls in the entire game, the ball was left in open play, and after missing their first seven shots in the game, Scone found themselves in a large deficit to begin the second half.


Scone were never able to find their footing, in large part due to their 2-for-16 (13%) shooting from the field, which allowed Valiente to manage their lead for the remainder of the game. MVP of the opening weekend, Guillermo Terrera,  looked to lead his team back into the game, but his numerous runs were finished just once as Scone couldn’t generate the offense needed to keep pace with Valiente.


Ultimately the missed opportunities from Scone, combined with the controlled play of Valiente, resulted in a convincing five-goal victory for Valiente as they improve to 2-0 heading into Wednesday’s game against Colorado. In another game Wednesday, Hawaii plays Scone for a spot in the final against defending champion Valiente.


Key Stats:


  • Scone shoots 2 for 16 (13%) from the field. Valiente shoots 9 for 18 (50%).
  • Three combined fouls in the game (2 for Valiente, 1 for Scone).


Complete game videos:



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