La Bamba de Areco defeats Clinova on Day 3 of the 2018 Cartier Queen’s Cup

The third day of play in the 2018 Cartier Queen’s Cup saw La Bamba de Areco continue their momentum after winning the Trippetts Challenge by defeating Clinova 9-4 at the Zacara polo field.

In a low scoring affair that saw both teams struggle to generate offense from the field, it was Clinova’s 2 for 11 shooting from the field that kept them from matching the scoring prowess of David Stirling and Juan Martin Nero, who combined for 8 goals in the game. Combining for 24 fouls, 14 of which were spot hits in the middle of the field, neither team was able to create a fast flowing style of play to score a high number of goals. La Bamba de Areco pulled away late in the game as they scored the final three goals of the game, led by a pass and run from David Stirling that ultimately sealed the game.

Despite winning the statistical battle in the first half as they outshot La Bamba de Areco 8-5 and committed half the number of fouls, Clinova found themselves down 4-2 on the scoreboard due to inaccurate shooting, and two of their three fouls resulting in penalty goals from Stirling. Missed opportunities from the field by Juan Gris Zavaleta and Nico Pieres were a factor for a Clinova team that couldn’t match the elite duo on La Bamba de Areco.

In the second half, Clinova failed to score from the field, leaving their only offensive output coming from the penalty line, allowing La Bamba de Areco to extend their lead. Committing eight fouls in the second half, Clinova lost the field battle as the spot hits provided to both Nero and Stirling for La Bamba de Areco, assisted in La Bamba de Areco’s attack late in the game. Leading 6-3 heading into the sixth chukka, Malcolm Borwick converted a penalty 2 to bring Clinova within two goals, but a run from Nero, followed by quick goals from Byron Watson and Stirling extended the lead to five resulting in the 9-4 victory for La Bamba de Areco.

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