For those in search of the perfect gift for the polo enthusiast in your life, or if you are dreaming of a winter escape to play polo and watch a high-goal game in sunny Wellington, Florida, but don’t know where to begin—Flying Cow Polo Club has a solution for you and everyone is welcome!

A USPA Member Club located in Wellington, Florida, Flying Cow Polo Club offers turnkey weekend polo getaways from January through April for out-of-town players who want an experience that will suit their individual needs, interests, abilities and budget. Available packages are based off of an “a la carte” menu. Some highlights include taking lessons with USPA Certified Polo Instructor Kylie Sheehan, watching high-goal polo at the International Polo Club Palm Beach or playing chukkers in the arena or on the grass on fantastic horses.

Action on the grass at Flying Cow Polo Club.
Action on the grass at Flying Cow Polo Club.

For players who are in Wellington for the more than just a weekend, Flying Cow Polo Club offers seasonal memberships as well. The club has practice chukkers throughout the week and weekend, access to two exceptional facilities and guidance by the best professionals at affordable rates. Whether you are interested in taking lessons to work on your riding and swing, having top-quality care for your beloved ponies, playing low-stress tournament polo or even just watching some fun competition, you will feel at home at Flying Cow Polo Club.

The club also has three barns outfitted with fly spray systems and city water. The club encourages full-care board which includes excellent quality feed and hay, daily care, and horse exercise that is tailored to a positive and stress-free polo experience for all. Don’t have polo ponies of your own? The club offers a string of top-quality ponies of all levels available for rent and sale. Club staff and members take pride in what they do and share a common passion for polo–you will feel it at the club, it’s contagious!

Contact Kylie Sheehan for more information on joining in on the fun this winter at (443)955-3470 or

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