With 15 18-goal formations in participation, the Duke of Sutherland Cup is being played at Cowdray Park. The final is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th.

Latest results:
Park Place 11-8 Altamira K
Bardon 6-9 Hurlingham 1875

The Duke of Sutherland will resume on Monday at Cowdray:
1pm: Emlor vs Altamira K
3pm: Bardon vs Four Quarters Black
5:30pm: El Remanso/El Paraiso vs Marchfield



With twelve 12-goal teams in participation, and after 20 days of competition, the Dollar Cup came to an end on Sunday at Cowdray Park. After beating in the final White Crane by 6-3, Four Quarters Orange won the title. On the other hand, Lovelocks took the Subsidiary.

FINAL DOLLAR CUP: Four Quarters Orange 6-3 White Crane
Four Quarters Orange: Simon Arber 0, Kian Hall 2, Juan Ambroggio 6, Tom Morley 4. Total: 12.
White Crane: Jasmine Calvert-Ansari 0, Josh Cork 2, Andrew Blake Thomas 3, James Harper 7. Total: 12.

SUBSIDIARY FINAL DOLLAR CUP: Lovelocks 5-4 La Mangosta
Lovelocks: Oscar Luard 1, George Hanbury 2, Charlie Hanbury 4, Will Lucas 4. Total: 11.
La Mangosta: Gregory Touret 0, Juan Cruz Merlos 5, Malcolm Borwick 6, James Crossley 1. Total: 12.


With 7 teams up to 6 goals the Committee Cup is taking place at Cirencester Park. The final is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th.

Latest results:
Foxcote 6-4 Blenheim/Syreford
Los Chinos 6-7 Syreford
Foxcote 5-6 Syreford

Noon Giraffe: Siobhan Fagan -1, Chris Fagan 0, Martin ffrench-Blake 3, Ollie Tuthill 4. Total: 6.
R & R: Rosanna Turk 0, Tamara Fox 2, Matt Simpson 2, Oliver Jones (c) 2. Total: 6.
Coxwell: Tilda Woodd 0, Tabba Woodd 1, Oscar Luard 1, William Lucas 4. Total: 6.
Foxcote: Darko Horvat -1, Aleksander Horvat 0, Shaun Brokensha 3, Tom Beim 4. Total: 6.
Blenheim/Syreford: William Tobin 0, George Blandford 0, William Fitzgerald O’Connor 2, Dave Allen 4. Total: 6.
Syreford: Hugo Tobin 0, Nicholas Tobin 0, Matt Evetts 3, Nina Clarkin 3. Total: 6.
Los Chinos: Alison Clark -1, Zac Beim 0, Nicolas Antinori 4, Michael Howe 3. Total: 6.

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