Four new rules to be tested at San Jorge & Jockey Club Opens Highlight Sep 4, 2018

The AAP is set to trial four new rules at the San Jorge Open and the Jockey Club Open. After these tournaments, the AAP, the Polo Players Association, and the Subcommittee of Referees and Regulations, will discuss these rules and decide whether it would be beneficial to implement them in the upcoming Triple Crown.


The changes are the following:

1- Only change sides at halftime.
The objective is to simplify the understanding of the game for those not familiar with the sport.


2- Six foul limit per player per game.
The player that makes his sixth personal foul during a game will have to leave the field. He can be replaced by the team substitute.

In the San Jorge and Jockey Club Opens, this rule will just be tested, but no player will be physically sent off. If deemed necessary, however, the rule will be enforced in the Triple Crown. 


3- The whip can not be used unnecessarily or excessively.
A player shall not use the whip except in exceptional circumstances, or when the ball is out of play or dead.
International polo associations have implemented this rule, so the aim is to unify the rules on a global scale.

4) The ball can be hit with any part of another player’s body only once per play.

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