Gallops of India

GALLOPS OF INDIA from March 2nd to 10th 2019

Following our adventures in the golden deserts of Oman and Morocco, the 3rd edition of the Gallops will take you deep into the stunning colours, the exotic scents and the majestic scenery of the eternal Rajasthan in India.

Immerse yourself in this exclusive horseback adventure across sumptuous palaces, mighty fortresses, arid lands, colourful markets, and charming villages. Discover the treasures of the Jewel of North India: the holy land of water and fire and an ancient land rich of history, traditions and legends.

The Gallops of India will be a mesmerising and initiatory experience on the indigenous majestic Marwari horses with their magical incurved ears shaped like crescent moons.

The Gallops is a combination of a great ride, a passionate challenging race, a unique human and cultural experience, a very entertaining journey and a discovery of breath- taking natural landscapes. More than an equestrian adventure, a human adventure! 

This one and only adventure is an international luxury sporting and touristic event which gathers 100 horse riders from all over the world, of all ages (18-70), as many women as men from various equestrian riding backgrounds (polo, trails, jumping, dressage). The participants compete with the help of their loyal adventure companions the Arabian thoroughbred, Barb-Arab and Marwari horses.

Since 2014, the Gallops team has created a new and innovative equestrian concept: an orienteering and endurance horseback race – similar to a Paris-Dakar – organised in teams of 5 riders across 200 km in 5 stages over 6 days. The horse riders have to rely upon their navigation skills by GPS to guide them through the endless landscapes.

The only requirement of our competitors is to be advance level riders, no matter their age, nationality or their regular equestrian discipline. The Gallops riders come to share a once in a lifetime horseback adventure where solidarity, stamina, self-discipline, love of horses and respect of local environment are the basis.

The Gallops is the only equestrian event in the world to offer – constantly in new faraway lands – an adventure that is simultaneously sporty (without being strictly an official competition), human (150 people share together an unforgettable experience for a week) and touristic (luxurious hotels/camps and high standard accommodations). Friends and family members are welcome to join the Gallops as “non-riders” to support their competitor and enjoy a cultural and entertaining program custom-made for them.


The first two editions of the Gallops were a huge international success with an important media coverage. 

In February 2014, the first edition took place in the Sultanate of Oman in the wonderful sand dunes of the Wahiba desert. 110 riders representing 10 different nations, divided in 22 teams crossed the golden dunes on their beautiful Arabian thoroughbreds. With the support of its Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saïd, the Gallops of Oman has been a fabulous human adventure with great encounters, emotions, twists and parties like the unforgettable White Party under the stars.

It’s a similar challenge – the Gallops of Morocco – which has been organized in February 2018 by Bady Kebir, Benoît Perrier and their team in a new spectacular location: the sandy dunes of Merzouga in the Eastern Morocco. 

Under the patronage of Its Majesty the King Mohammed VI, the event was highly successful with a great number of foreigner teams from all 4 corners of the globe: Oman, Germany, Ireland, France, Slovakia and Malaysia. All these riders ended the week leaving forever their (horse) footprints in this vast desert where everyone left a part of its soul of horse rider, traveller and dreamer.

To live this magic experience, come and join us in India from March 2nd to 10th 2019! 


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