THE TEAMS ARE ALL SET TO GET INTO ACTION IN THE BEACH POLO CUP DUBAI 2018 With just few days left for the Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2018 to get started, the players are all geared up to be a part of the game. The game is all set to get in play on 13th and 14th of December 2018 with the following teams and players participating in the for the battle. LA POLO, the media partner of Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2018 brings to you the complete list of the competing teams as well as the members:

Tonino Lamborghini: Rashid Albwardy Saoud Khoory Maxi Malacalza

Hills Advertising: Tariq Albwardy Sam Instone Ramiro Cordero

Lindt: Jan Bladen Dr. Sabine Schaffer Tomy Iriarte

Altaaqa Global: Faris Al Yabhouni Rashed Al Sayegh Santi Gomez Romero

A Quick Introduction Of The Players:

Team Tonino Lamborghini Name: Rashid Albwardy

Country: UAE

UAE native Rashid Albwardy is the second of Ali Albwardy’s sons and it goes without saying that the polo bug has been passed on to him as well as his brother. Rashid started riding at the age of 8 and started to practice Polo a year later. Since then, he has taken part in the Master Series Tournaments, the Gold Cup, Queen’s Cup and many more. Equestrio magazine stated that “18 year old captain Rashid Albwardy secured one of polo’s most prestigious trophies at his first attempt in a particularly historic year”
Name: Saoud Khoory

Country: UAE

Saoud Khoory has been playing polo from a young age of 14, inspired by his father Najieb Khoory, a keen polo-player too. Desert Palm polo club is where he started which is his base and he has also participated in tournaments at other clubs in the UAE and internationally. This will be his fourth time playing at the Beach Polo Cup.

Name: Maxi Malacalza

Country: Argentina

Argentinean native Maxi Malacalza’ was introduced to polo through his father’s passion for the sport. He describes polo as ‘irresistible’ if you love horses and team sports however it took him ‘blood, sweat and tears’ to get to where he is today and still works hard to higher his handicap. The most interesting place polo has taken Maxi is Dubai, which he described as vibrant and positive which gives the country an exciting feel. Today Maxi’s love affair with polo continues and his biggest wish is to finally win the Beach Polo Cup Dubai.

Team Hills Advertising Name: Tariq Albwardy

Country: UAE

Tariq Albwardy is the son of Ali Albwardy, a polo legend in his native UAE. His father’s enthusiasm of the sport has obviously rubbed off on Tariq as he has become one of the largest influences in the Dubai polo scene having played in big tournaments such as Dubai Polo Challenge 2014 and winning the prestigious HH President of UAE Polo Cup. Tariq is a huge believer in working as a team which has most likely been the key to his polo success.

Name: Sam Instone

Country: UK

A lifelong lover of horses, Sam’s first career as a British Army Officer culminated in him being in charge of The Queen’s Life Guard within The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. On finishing military service he founded the financial services firm AES International in 2004 and a few years later discovered the weather and culture in Dubai was far better for polo than London! Dubai is now home and when not involved in wealth management or medical insurance companies can be found playing polo as often as possible at the Desert Palm Polo Club.

Name: Ramiro Cordero

Country: Argentina

Ramiro is the newest edition to the Desert Palm Polo Club in his profession as local Instructor and Professional 5 goaler. The 30 year old Argentinian, born in Rio Quarto, Cordoba, took a long way around the globe to finally touch base in Dubai. Seeing him smiling each morning must be a proof he likes it here. Let’s see if he can support his team to win the Cup again! Team Lindt

Name: Jan Bladen

Country: Switzerland/England

Dubai resident Jan Bladen was given his first free chukka for Polo Patron Ali Albwardy. Since being medically diagnosed with SPA (Severe Polo Addiction) some 10 years ago, he’s been purchasing horses, playing polo and visiting Argentina yearly, which has sadly also cost him either a Kelly or a Birkin to his lovely wife. He believes that all related polo marketing should come with a Health Warning: “POLO SERIOUSLY DAMAGES WEALTH”. Jan’s whole family; now enjoy riding and sharing the polo lifestyle. He remains a lousy player.

Name: Dr. Sabine Schaffer

Country: Austrian

With a passion for horses since young age, Dr.Sabine got also intrigued by Ali Albwardi some 10 years ago with a simple lesson on field 2 where her passion started. In fact her first wish to her loving husband was a polo pony and not Jewelry Following the quote of Sir Winston Churchill; “A polo handicap is a person’s ticket to the world”, she found the perfect “excuse” to travel the world and played in places like Argentina, Spain, and Germany and quickly grabbed the World Women Championship at Miami’s Beach Polo “As a woman it is hard to compete with men on the field, but what shall I say? I like playing with boys”

Name: Tomas Iriarte Present Handicap: 4

Country: Argentina

Tomy Iriarte is a great “lend” from Habtoor Polo Club to play with Jan and Sabine. The Argentinean Pro, born in Buenos Aires fetched the medium goal triple crown at Sotogrande with the Ayala team this summer so we all need to keep an eye on his skills. The happy father of 2 plays high goal in Dubai since 2009.

Team Altaaqa Global Name: Faris Al Yabhouni

Country: UAE

Faris Al Yabhouni a proud Emirati, Owner & Patron of the Abu Dhabi Polo Team is this year’s “Newbie” to the Beach Polo Cup Dubai. Playing High goal for over 10 years might help him succeed on our sands, as he did last season by winning the prestigious HH President of the UAE Polo Cup and the Emirates Polo Cup. Will the cup go to Abu Dhabi this year?

Name: Rashed Al Sayegh

Country: UAE

Rashed was introduced to Polo by his long time friend, Tariq Albwardy who convinced him to grab his mallet, put on his knee guards, buckle up with his helmet and jump into the saddle on the back of a horse, which he did, happily; to try his hand at polo! This was 3 years ago, and since then Rashed has dedicated all of his free time to perfecting his swing and goals. Having only played for 3 years his handicap of 1 is a major achievement and outstanding.

Name: Santiago Gomez Romero Present Handicap: 4

Country: Argentina

Santi Gomez Romero, Argentine professional, is returning to Dubai for the 7th year. Being the son of the famous Fortunato Gomez Romero’s, Santi became a professional by just the age of 18 and has been travelling the world ever since. After “checking out” the Beach Polo Cup Dubai last year, we can expect some great tactics from his end.

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