It was a double action day at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club, with the Zedan Wolves walking away winners of the subsidiary final, scoring 4.5 goals to 4 against A.M Polo and Habtoor Polo achieving a great victory and winning the Dubai Cup 2018, scoring 9.5 goals to 7 against Bin Drai Polo.

The final was a neck to neck fight, with the two strongest teams demonstrating vigor and great skill. The last chukker saw Bin Drai Polo catching up, however Habtoor Polo won back the game and scored two amazing goals sending the crowd into a roar.

Mohammed Al Habtoor, Patron of Habtoor Polo, said: “We are extremely happy to have won the last tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series. I would like to thank everyone who has participated in it thus far, without you patrons and teams we would have not reached this level of polo in the UAE. Many people are saddened by the fact that the series is coming to an end which brings me to the good news. We will be playing at the resort until 13th May, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; everyone is welcome to come and watch.”

These two matches have concluded the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series, paving way for the 2018-2019 edition. The calendar will be announced at the end of May.

The detail of the games was as follows:


Habtoor Polo: Mohammed Al Habtoor 0 (1 goal), Habtoor Al Habtoor 1, Justo Cuitiño 3 (2), Santiago Gómez Romero 3 (5). Total: 7.
Bin Drai: Khalid Bin Drai 1 (1 goal), Rashid Bin Drai 1 (1), Ariel Ponzi 2 (1), Andrés Laplacette 4 (4). Total: 7.
Score Habtoor Polo: 3.5-2, 6.5-2, 6.5-6, 9.5-7.
Top Scorer Profesional: Andrés Laplacette 19, Santiago Gómez Romero 16, Santiago Cernadas 8.
Top Scorer Amateur: Khalid Bin Drai 10, Mohammed Al Habtoor 6, Stuart Wrigley 6.


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