Thai Polo Open

The last group stage of the Thai Polo Open, the most important tournament of SE Asia, took place on Tuesday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. After beating Thai Polo in a tight match, Royal Pahang qualified to the semifinals of the tournament.

The scores on Tuesday’s matchday were as follows:
Thai Polo 4.5-6 Royal Pahang
22BR 8-7 La Familia

The Thai Polo Open will resume on Wednesday at 9:30am with a penalty shootout between La Familia, 22BR and Fast Fish to set the other two semifinalists that will join Axus and Royal Pahang.

The final of the Thai Polo Open is scheduled for Saturday, January 20.

Picture Galleries:
Thai Polo vs Royal Pahang
22BR vs La Familia

Thai Polo Open: Fixture & Teams

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