Hamilton hosts Governor’s Cup at Myopia

Mud with patches of grass flew through the air as ponies and their riders chased after the game ball with mallets in hand.

Swinging and pushing and yelling, the riders organized their team to control the massive 300-yard field. They wanted to score.

After two weekends of rain and a washed out muddy field, horses and riders returned the oldest continuously used polo field at Myopia Polo Club in Hamilton to take part in the United States Polo Associations Governor’s Cup on Aug. 19.

Folly Fields of Hamilton defeated Del Rancho/Black Oak of Ipswich, 10-9, in this first round of the six-chucker match, with the final goal scored with four seconds left in the chucker.

The next match was to take place on Friday, Aug. 24 with the final slated for Sunday, Aug. 26.

Close to 250 people came out on Sunday to watch the game, picnic and enjoy themselves. Many brought their vintage cars, tents and picnic blankets. Dogs ran around and children followed. The family friendly event also sparked the attention of many local politicians running for state senate and congress who were out making the rounds of introducing themselves to team fans.

At the end of the day, everyone there was there to watch polo and enjoy the afternoon.

Mission accomplished.

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