HPA announce end of season women handicaps

The HPA has announced the latest women’s handicaps, with some notable changes that show the growth in female polo. For a second consecutive year, the English season featured a succesful circuit of six tournaments for teams up to 18-goals.

Nina Clarkin maintained her perfect 10, making her the only female 10-goaler in the world. After a fantastic season, Hazel Jackson went from 8 to 9 goals; she now has the same handicap as Lia Salvo. Argentine Mia Cambiaso will now start 2019 playing off 7 goals, and HH Sheikha Maitha Al Maktoum, who had a great season with UAE Polo, went from 3 to 4.

More handicap changes:

-Lottie Lamacraft: 5 to 6 goals

-Izzy McGregor: 5 to 6 goals

-Bryony Taylor: 5 to 6 goals

-Rebecca Walters: 5 to 6 goals

-Milly Hine: 4 to 5 goals

-Saffron Hutchinson: 3 to 4 goals

-Sabrina Bradley: 1 to 2 goals


The HPA states

 “As the EOS changes, the ladies handicap changes are proposed subject to ratification from Stewards and will be effective from 01/01/19”

“If a player has not played the 2018 Ladies seaoson, their handicap is NS (not seen) therefore if they would like to play the 2019 or any other season in the future, they would play off their highest world ladies handicap or if they do not have one they would come in off their mixed handicap converted”


Click here for the complete list of women’s handicap changes!

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