Greenwich’s high-goal season resumed on Sunday with the last qualification matches of the Shreve Crump & Low Cup at Greenwich Polo Club, in the East Coast of United States.

The tournament sees four 16-goal teams in participation. After this competition, it will be the time for the Monty Waterbury Cup, the Silver Cup and the East Coast Open, the ultimate moment of the Connecticut’s club season. Finals of the competition have been set after Sunday’s results: Huntsman will face Hawk Hill for the main Cup while Roller Rabbit and White Birch will play for the Subsidiary Trophy.

Sunday’s results:
Hawk Hill: Lucas Díaz Alberdi 5 (1 goal), Dylan Rossiter 4 (4), Gringo Colombres 7 (6), Philip Mactaggart A. Total: 16.
White Birch: Chris Brant A, Tomas Schwencke 2 (1 goal), Mariano Aguerre 8 (2), Joaquín Panelo 6 (6). Total: 16.
Score Hawk Hill: 1-2, 4-3, 5-4, 7-6, 8-6, 11-9.
Umpires: Horton Schwartz and Juan Carlos González. Referee: George Olivas.

Huntsman: Dillon Bacon 1 (3 goals), Toro Ruiz 6 (3), Tomás García Del Río 7 (2), Segundo Merlos 2 (1). Total: 16.
Roller Rabbit: Glenn Miller A/Mike Davis A (2 goals), Nick Manifold 3, Kris Kampsen 6 (4), Matías Magrini 7. Total: 16.
Score Huntsman: 2-0, 2-1, 5-1, 6-3, 7-4, 9-6.
Umpires: Horton Schwartz and Juan Carlos González. Referee: George Olivas.
BPP: Guri Vanina. Played by Segundo Merlos.

The Shreve Crump & Low Cup will come to an end on Wednesday:
2:30pm, Subsidiary Final: White Birch vs Roller Rabbit, at Peter B. Orthwein Field 2.
4pm, FINAL: Hawk Hill vs Huntsman, at Field 1.

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