Indian Empire Shield final set; Ladies British Open semifinals due Friday



The Indian Empire Shield is taking place at Guards Polo Club, with thirteen 18-goal teams in competition. The final is due on Saturday, July 21st.



HB La Forge 8-7 Emlor

Cowdray Vikings 8-7 Four Quarters Black

Ferne Park 9-8 Bardon

Park Place 9-6 Marchfield



Cowdray Vikings 10-6 Ferne Park

HB La Forge 7-5 Park Place


The Indian Empire Shield comes to an end on Saturday:

11am, Subsidiary Final: Emlor Polo Team vs Four Quarters Black

12:30pm, FINAL INDIAN EMPIRE SHIELD: Cowdray Vikings vs HB La Forge



HB La Forge: Luke Wiles 1, Mark Tomlinson 6, Iñaki Laprida 8, Sebastien Pailloncy 3.

Cowdray Vikings: George Pearson 2, Ollie Cork 2, Juan Gris Zavaleta 7, Jack Richardson 7.








The Ladies British Open sees ten 18-goal teams competing at Cowdray Park. The final is scheduled for Saturday, at 3pm.

Latest results:

Coombe Place 6-5 Cowdray Vikings

Nipas 2-6 Tarantula

Maiz Dulce 1-5 UAE Polo Team

Apes Hill/The Villages 3-4 Nephilim

Monterosso 9-2 Tarantula

Nephilim 3-5 Dobson and Horrel

Coombe Place 5-2 Nipas


The British Ladies Open semifinals are due on Friday:

12pm: Dodson and Horell vs Monterosso

1pm: UAE Polo Team vs Coombe Place



Dobson and Horrel: Jenny Doherty 1, Saffron Hutchinson 3, Hannah Henderson 4, Nina Clarkin 10.

Monterosso: Siri Evjemo-Nysveen 2, Rosanna Turk 3, Emma Wood 6, Tamara Fox 7.

UAE Polo Team: Maitha Al Maktoum 3, Mia Cambiaso 6, Candelaria Fernandez Araujo 8, Catalina Ayerza 1.

Coombe Place: Sabrina Bradley 1, Daisy Hatfield 3, Lottie Lamacroft 5, Hazel Jackson 8.

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