Jaipur, Rajasthan – The Second day came to an end with Jaipur Polo team facing Polywood Polo Academy. The final action of the second day was quite good and extraordinary. This match was just about right to give a good end to a good day.

The match between Jaipur Polo team and Polywood Polo Academy was played on 13th September at 4:30 pm. In the 6 goal match, Polywood Polo Academy was playing with a total handicap of +4. Jaipur Polo team had the upper hand in the match. Jaipur were favourites to win the match but it wasn’t as easy win for Jaipur. Polywood Polo Academy had a strong team with Bhawani Kalwi (+2), Kuldeep Singh Rathore (+2), Pradeep Kanota (+2) and Samir Mecca (-2) playing for the team. Jaipur Polo team played with the likes of HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3), Abhimanyu Pathak (+5), Maharaja Narendra Singh (0) (first half), Ajitesh Singh (-2) (second half) and Ranshay Purohit (-2). The match started with a score of 1.5 – 0 with Polywood Polo Academy in the lead as they were playing with less handicap. Jaipur Polo Team had the match in their hand after the first half as they had dominated the match completely.

Abhimanyu Pathak scored the opening goal for Jaipur Polo team, which took the score to 1 – 1.5. Jaipur Polo team didn’t let Polywood Polo enjoy the lead for much longer and Maharaja Narendra Singh scored one. There were two goals more, each from Abhimanyu Pathak and Maharaja Narendra Singh in the first chukker. Jaipur didn’t let Polywood Polo Academy score in the first chukker and the first chukker ended with Jaipur in the lead by 4 -1.5. The second chukker was also goal less for Polywood Polo Academy. Abhimanyu Pathak scored two for Jaipur and the first half ended with Jaipur in the lead by 6 -1.5.

Polywood polo Academy were shaken completely by Jaipur in the first half but they entered the second half with a hope to win. The third chukker opened with a goal from Abhimanyu Pathak taking Jaipur’s lead to 7 – 1.5. Polywood Polo Academy weren’t allowed to score in the third chukker too. Jaipur continued scoring and three more goals were scored by the team. A goal from HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh and two from Abhimanyu Pathak helped Jaipur take a big lead and end the third chukker on a score of 10 – 1.5. The fourth chukker was just consolation because everyone knew who was gonna win the match. HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh scored one more and added to Polywood Polo Academy’s misery. The score was 11 – 1.5. Polywood Polo Academy returned to the match but it was very late now. Kuldeep Singh Rathore, Pratap Kanota and Bhawani Kalwi each scored one goal for Polywood Polo Academy and the match ended with Jaipur winning by 11 – 4.5.

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