JD Polo Wins USPA Southwestern Circuit Amateur Cup

Three teams met at the Central Texas Polo Association’s ATX polo facility in Manor, Texas, last week to play a round-robin match.

JD Polo
Morgan Tennant (B)
Taylor Morris (B)
Javier Insua (2)
John Greening (A)

Texas Military
Kyle Brown (B)
Luis Herrera (B)
Cody Goetz (A)
Lalo Ramirez (2)

San Antonio
Patrick MaCleod (A)
Alex Matta (A.5) / Ursula Pari (A.5)
Gal Shweiki (A.5)
Jack Crea (1)

JD Polo’s Javier Insua running with the ball ahead of San Antonio's Alex Matta.
JD Polo’s Javier Insua running with the ball ahead of San Antonio’s Alex Matta.

In the first game JD Polo faced Texas Military. Cody Goetz opened the scoring for Texas Military with a goal from the field. Play was back and forth for half the chukker, JD Polo missed a goal, but got lucky with a Penalty 6 when a defending Texas Military player knocked it past the end line. JD Polo’s Javier Insua was selected to take the Penalty 6. It was followed by another Penalty 6 and finally a third was awarded; JD Polo’s Tyler Morris guided it in for the goal. At the end of the chukker the score was tied. Texas Military’s Goetz again scored by converting a Penalty 3. JD Polo’s Insua responded quickly with a goal from the field to tie the game again. Closing out the game for the win was Texas Military’s Brown.

With the win, Texas Military received a break and the opportunity to watch JD Polo play San Antonio. JD Polo came out hot with Insua and John Greening combining for three while strong defensive play by Morris and Morgan Tennant held San Antonio scoreless in the first. In the third, JD Polo’s Insua started the scoring quickly with his third goal of the match, but this was quickly matched by San Antonio’s Jack Crea and Insua to give JD Polo a 5-1 lead. San Antonio was not done however, and Shweiki scored one, followed by Patrick MaCleod to end the match 6-3 in favor of JD Polo.

JD Polo’s John Greening moves the ball along the boards while challenged by Texas Military’s Kyle Brown.
JD Polo’s John Greening moves the ball along the boards while challenged by Texas Military’s Kyle Brown.

In the final match of the day, Texas Military faced off against San Antonio. The first chukker favored Texas Military as Lalo Ramirez converted a Penalty 3 and scored from the field while strongly supported by Goetz who scored a field goal. The second chukker saw San Antonio’s Crea score their only goal of the match while Texas Military’s Ramirez and Luis Herrera each added one to end the game 5-1.

The second day of polo commenced with JD Polo facing Texas Military. In a close first chukker JD Polo’s Insua scored once from the field and then converted a Penalty 4. Texas Military’s Herrera responded with two goals including a beautiful neckshot to goal. In the final chukker it was again JD Polo’s Insua who struck first, but was then quickly matched by Texas Military’s Ramirez. Insua again responded with a goal for JD Polo giving his team a 4-3 lead. With time running out, Texas Miltary’s Ramirez had a breakaway run to goal. Just as he was about to score the tying point, time ran out. With a one-point win, the tournament was tied between JD Polo and Texas Military.

Karl Hilberg congratulates Most Valuable Player Kyle Brown.
Karl Hilberg congratulates Most Valuable Player Kyle Brown.

JD Polo faced San Antonio for the win, needing to outscore their opponents by more than four. However, San Antonio held JD Polo 6-2. Since the win/loss records were tied between JD Polo and Texas Military, as well as Net Goals, the winner was determined by gross goals. JD Polo won the tournament with a 17-15 margin. Most Valuable Player was presented to Texas Military’s Kyle Brown. Best Playing Pony was awarded to Rubia owned and ridden by Jack Crea.

CTPA would like to thank supporters who ensured all who participated had a great weekend of polo: Robin Sanchez, Karl Hilberg, Carlos Loreto and Javier Insua.

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