Sir Pratap Singh Cup galloped into the third day with an intense match between Jindal Panther/ Garcha Lions and Hyderabad Chaughan. The last league match of the Cup was played at 2:30 pm at Jaipur Polo Grounds, Delhi. Jindal Panther/ Garcha Lions played with Satinder Garcha (+2), Simran Singh Shergill (+6), Raul R Laplacette (+6) and Naveen Jindal (0). Hyderabad Chaughan, on the other hand, played with Gaurav Sahgal (+3), Angad Kalaan (+3), Basheer Ali (+5) and Cdr Akhil Sirohi (+3). Jindal Panther played in blue while Hyderabad Chaughan were covered in white. The umpires of the match were Julio Bensandon and Col Vishal Chauhan. The match kicked off with a brilliant goal scored by Cdr Akhil Sirohi. He scored the goal in the first minute of the match. Basheer Ali scored one for Hyderabad Chaughan in the opening minutes.

Hyderabad Chaughan were leading by 2 – 0 after Basheer’s goal. Hyderabad Chaughan were dominant in the first chukker. Raul R Laplacette scored a brilliant goal in the closing minutes of the first chukker. Simran Singh Shergill made a good run but was interrupted by time. The first chukker ended with Hyderabad Chaughan in the lead by 2-1. The second chukker kicked off with a distance shot from Basheer Ali. A brilliant goal by Basheer helped Hyderabad Chaughan extend their lead to 3-1. Simran Singh Shergill took the charge for Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions Polo team and scored a fantastic goal from a brilliant run. A powerful hit from Simran helped Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions get back in the game. The scoreboard showed 3-2 in favor of Hyderabad Chaughan. A good play from Satinder Garcha and Simran Singh Shergill was in action that ended with a finesse shot from Simran Singh Shergill. The match was now tied at 3-3. Hyderabad Chaughan were able to finish the chukker with a lead. Basheer Ali scored for Hyderabad in the closing minutes of the chukker and the score was 4-3 after the second chukker.

Gaurav Sahgal scored the opening goal of the third chukker. It was a beautiful goal as Gaurav ran past Jindal Panther’s defence easily. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions were now charging with Simran Singh Shergill taking the ball towards the goal. Simran’s shot was stopped on the goal line by Basheer Ali. Raul Laplacette hit a powerful strike from 60’ penalty mark. The fourth chukker ended with Hyderabad Chaughan in the lead. The score was 5-4 after the third chukker. The fourth chukker opened with Gaurav’s goal. Hyderabad Chaughan were leading by 6 – 4 after Gaurav Sahagal’s goal. Raul R Laplacette scored another one from 60’ penalty spot. A powerful shot from Raul R Laplacette helped Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions get back in the game. Basheer Ali was in full form today and another goal from Basheer Ali extended Hyderabad Chaughan’s lead. The scoreboard showed 7-5 now. Raul R Laplacette and Simran Singh Shergill scored two back to back goals for Jindal Panther. Two beautiful goals from the star players of Jindal Pather/Garcha Lions brought the game to level. The scores were now levelled at 7 – 7.

Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions took a lead after Raul Laplacette scored two back to back goals from the penalty spot after the game was levelled. The fourth chukker ended on a score of 9-7 with Jindal Panther in the lead. Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions were able to hold Hyderabad Chaughan in the fifth chukker. The fifth chukker ended goallessly and Jindal Panther defeated Hyderabad Chaughan by 9 – 7 to qualify for the semi-finals. Match Progression: Jindal Panther/Garcha Lions – Hyderabad Chaughan: (1-2)/(3-4)/(4-5)/(9-7)/(9-7) The semi-finals of the Sir Pratap Singh Cup will be played on Friday, 16th November 2018 at Jaipur Polo Ground, Delhi.

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