The Kilnwood Park Polo Cup 2018 will kick off on Saturday at Klinwood Park with a total of 4 teams up to 8 goals in participation. Thilo Sautter has invited invited the teams to play the tournament on Saturday at his beautiful residence. The Hari Hotel London, owned by polo player Aron Harilela, will be giving some lovely prizes, such as a night stay for the winner at his lovely hotel located in Belgravia, London.

Even though at the moment will be only one tournament, the Idea is to organise more of these fun weekends throughout the season.

Rules of the competition:
2-chukker matches.
All games played off the stick, no handicap start.
If the match is tied after 7 minutes in the second chukka, an extra 30 seconds will be played.
If the match is still tied, then the team that scored the last goal of the match wins.
If the match ends with no goals, then a sudden death penalty shootout of “30 yarders” will take place, with the lowest handicap player in each team shooting first.

Irongate: James Scott Hopkins 0, Seb Dawnay 3, Kelvin Johnson 4, Michel Granchi 0. Total: 7.
Clarita: Clare Mathias -1, Chris Mathias 0, Fred Horne 3, Will Emerson 5. Total: 7.
AFB: Sandra Schneider -1, Clive Reid -1, Chino Leiva 2, Pete Webb 5. Total: 5.
Les Elephants de Leander: Sophie Granchi 0, Matthieu Bordeaux-Groult 1, Thilo Sautter 1, Hissam Ali Hyder Namoo 6. Total: 8.

Full Fixture:
10:30am, Match 1: Clarita vs Irongate
11:10am, Match 2: Les Elephants de Leander vs AFB
11:50am, Match 3 (For dinner at The Hari Hotel): Loser Match 1 vs Loser Match 2
12.30pm, Match 4 (For night stay at The Hari’s Hotel): Winner Match 1 vs Winner Match 2
1.10pm: Prize Giving and Asado

KILNWOOD PARK POLO CUP 2018: Fixture & Teams

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