La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy

Previse and Irongate will play the final of the VII La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy


Following the cancelation of the third day, due today, because of heavy rains, Irongate and Previse will play the championship match of the VIII La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy, third tournament of the 2018 Spring Season Presented by Río Uruguay Seguros, at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina. This very competitive event is organised together by La Aguada Polo Club and Guards Polo Club.


Previse remain unbeaten, after winning their two previous games, while Irongate, featuring Diego Araya filling in for the injured Ignacio Novillo Astrada, have a 1-1 record.


The finals, scheduled for Friday November 23, are as follows:


4pm, Subsidiary: Tashan Polo vs. Silver Lays

5,15pm, Final La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy: Previse vs. Irongate


We are very much looking forward to seeing you all at La Aguada on Friday, to spend a fun and great day of polo with the Novillo Astrada family and the patrons and members of Guards!


Irongate: Nick Gerard 0, James Scott Hopkins 0, Diego Araya 7, Juan Carlos Harriet 5. Total: 12

Previse: Stefan Sund 0, Luke Wiles 1, Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) 8, Mark Tomlinson 6. Total: 14

Tashan Polo: Vivek Rawal 0, Agustín Arellano 2, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Alejandro Pistone 4. Total: 14

Silver Leys: Martin Roat 0, Cruz Novillo Astrada 3, Alfredo Bigatti 8, Juan Pedro Harriet 4. Total: 15


Monday, November 19

2,30pm: Irongate vs. Silver Leys

4,30pm: Tashan Polo vs. Previse

Wednesday November 21 

10am: Irongate 9 vs. Tashan Polo 8

11,15am: Previse 7 vs. Silver Leys 6


Thursday, November 22 – Cancelled due to rain

10am: Previse vs. Irongate

11,15am: Tashan Polo vs. Silver Leys


Friday November 23 – FINALS

4pm, Subsidiary – Tashan Polo vs. Silver Lays

5,15pm, Final La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy – Previse vs. Irongate




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