La Bendada wins Charriol Women’s International at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez

Hazel Jackson and Team La Bandada are the winners of the Charriol Women’s International at Polo Club Saint-Tropez last Sunday. The tournament saw four 14-goal teams (female handicap). The Charriol Women’s International in southern France has established itself as an important part of the women’s international polo calendar. In the final, English star player Jackson scored five goals for La Bandada and emerged victorious against title defender Maple Leaf with Lia Salvo.

For the 3rd and 4th place the Matryoshka and Dark Ice Charriol teams competed. It was then Matryoshka who won third place followed by Dark Ice Charriol. After the finals, a ‘Sunday Polo’ event was held at the club.

Sabine Schaffer, the Maple Leaf Team Player, won the MVP award and was awarded a luxurious Charriol bracelet. The price for the Best Player Pony has been awarded to the horse Naftalina belonging to Gonzalo Pieres.


1. La Bandada: Zhana Bandurko 0, Lea Siboni 2, Hanna Grill 4, Hazel Jackson 8. Total: 14.

2. Maple Leaf: Sabine Schaffer 0, Claudia Zeisberger 1, Lía Salvo 9, Verónica Magnasco 4. Total: 14.

3. Matryoshka Polo Team: Raya Sidorenko 1, Connie Haeufele 1, Clara Cassino 6, Tiva Gross 6. Total: 14.

4. Dark Ice/Charriol: Emmy Goddard-Watts 0, Caroline Morandi 2, Lottie Lamacraft 5, April Kent 4. Total: 11.


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