La Concepcion opens Coupe de Bronze with a win; Coupe d’Or kicks off Wednesday

The Coupe de Bronze kicked off on Tuesday at Deauville International Polo Club. The tournament sees 5 teams up to 8 goals in competition. The attendance was really good at the opening matchday where La Concepcion beat Polo Park Zurich.



La Concepcion: Hans Spek -1, Jules Legoubin 2 (2 goals), Simon Zavaleta 3 (1), Topo Braun 4 (3). Total: 8.

Polo Park Zurich: Morgan Van Overbroek -1, Jarrige 3 (1 goal), Carlos Solari 5 (3), David Amar 1. Total: 8.

Score La Concepcion: 2-2, 4-2, 6-2, 6-4.

Umpire: Juanjo Díaz Alberdi.


The Coupe d’Or, the apex of the season in Deauville, will kick off on Wednesday. Six 16-goal teams are set to compete.


Action in Deauville will resume on Wednesday:

4pm, Coupe de Bronze: Red Falcon vs Osmanthus

5:30pm, Coupe d’Or: Talandracas vs Los Lobos


COUPE D’OR: Fixture & Teams



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