La Pegasus Polo partners with Asociación Argentina de Polo

The La Pegasus Polo, Indias upcoming premier polo establishment, on Tuesday entered into a partnership with the worlds most successful Polo association, Asociación Argentina de Polo (AAP).

This is a first-of-its-kind foray for Argentinian Polo in this part of the world, and at a level witnessed never before in India.
The collaboration between Asociación Argentina de Polo (AAP) and La Pegasus Polo will present a truly world-class display of polo and lifestyle hospitality in the idyllic settings of some of the finest destinations in the country in December 2018 and January 2019, according to a statement.

Commenting on the development and explaining how to increase the popularity of the sport in the country, Founder of La Pegasus Polo Sanjay Jindal said that by bringing in the best players from Argentina will increase the level of the sport and ultimately it will surely increase the popularity.

“I feel that getting the best players from Argentina, which is the best polo playing nation in the world, would help popularise the sport among people who already know about the sport and who would like to know about polo. And this will help bring better level of polo to the audience,” Jindal told IANS.

“I think it’s not an alien sport, it’s an unfamiliar sport because it is not very popular in media and with this association we bring high level of polo in India. Hopefully it will get more people to come and watch the game,” he added.

Asked about the facilities in the La Pegasus Polo centre, Jindal said: “It already has world class facilities in terms full size international level polo field. It has 40 stables and in future it will be increased to 80. It has also a club house along with world class riding and training facilities.”

The first of the series in the 2018-19 Indian Polo season will be an All-Stars Argentinian team playing against the All-Stars Indian team.

La Pegasus Polo team comprises leading National Players Dhruv Pal Godara, Syed Shamsheer Ali, Simran Singh Shergill and the current Commanding Officer of the 61st Cavalry Regiment of the Indian Army Ravi Rathore.

The teams will be touring through Royal Rajasthan, starting with Jodhpur and finishing in Delhi NCR.

Commenting on this collaboration, Ambassador of Argentina to India, Daniel Chuburu said: “There are several exciting developments taking place in the world of polo. Being world leaders in Polo as a sport, we recognize that the international language of the horse bridges cultures and brings people together on a global scale while strengthening ties with partnering countries.

“We are happy to associate with La Pegasus Polo and look forward to making this an annual feature in the polo calendar of India and Argentina.”


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