An intense and very attractive action took over Polo Park Zurich, in Switzerland, last weekend with the Zurich Championship Medium Goal, one of the main tournaments of the club, on its 13th edition. The tournament was supported by Daniel Aegerter and the Polo Park and came to an end on Sunday.

The weekend started on Friday, with 20 enthusiastic people and a polo introduction course. They finished just on time, before some rainfall. But thanks to that, there was perfect natural watering for the polo field. So, on Saturday, with the sun back, everything was set for the Zurich Championship Medium Goal at field 1, which was in perfect conditions.

Even though the level was 6 goals, everyone agreed that on the field looks like 8-goal games. It was played fast, clean, with some amazing runs and incredible goals. After the qualifications matches on Saturday, Bethanien-Bentley and Los Lobos took a ticket to the final.

The finals matchday, on Sunday, started with the Third Place game, where Equilibrium, with Daniel Aegerter, beat Polo Park Zurich. Around midday it was time for the grand final. Both teams showed a very high level and kept everyone expectant until the very last moment, when Facu Kelly riding Gavilan took the ball and scored the winning goal for Los Lobos with only 10 seconds to go.

Once the prize giving finished, players, families, friends and guests enjoyed the after polo shared a delicious Lunch by Razzia Catering. To finish the weekend, at 6pm the club hosted its traditional new players training chukkers.

Action at Polo Park Zurich will resume next weekend with the Kensington 20th Anniversary Polo Trophy.

Third Place Match: Equilibrium 6-2 PPZ
MVP: Facundo Kelly

The Teams:
Los Lobos: Sebastien Le Page 0, Facundo Kelly 2, Martín Podestá 4, Werner Meier 0.
Bethanien-Bentley: Ossi Kochli/K. Nikiteas -1, Carlos Genes 3, walter Cortez 3, Thomas Wolfensberger 1.
Equilibrium: Daniel Aegerter 0, Eduardo Greghi -2, Francisco Fucci 6, D’Artagnan Giercke 2.
Polo Park Zurich: Morgan Van Overbroek -1, David Kalberer 0, Martin Luginbhul 2, Carlos Solari 5.

Umpire: César Ruiz Guiñazú.

Picture Gallery:

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