Los Nocheros/20 Twenty take home the Gold Cup

The Gold Cup came to an end on Sunday at Polo Club Saint Tropez after ten very intense days of polo at the French Riviera club, one of the top places to play the sport. The 2018 season was really successful from beginning to end. A total of 4 teams up to 12 goals took part of this tournament. The finals matchday was accompanied by a great Sunday Polo event.


FINAL GOLD CUP: Los Nocheros/20 Twenty 7-4 F Polo Team

THIRD PLACE MATCH: St Tropez/The Glorious Four 6-5 Eleven Eleven/Sezz

BPP: Nocturna. Player: Valentín Novillo Astrada.

MVP: Eva Bruhl and Philip de Groot.


Final Standings:

1-Los Nocheros/20 Twenty

2-F Polo Team

3-St Tropez/The Glorious Four

3-Eleven Eleven/Sezz



Los Nocheros/20 Twenty: Philip de Groot 1, Sebastian Schneberger 1, Valentin Novillo Astrada 5, Santiago Zubiaurre 5. Total: 12.

F Polo Team: Alshair Fiyaz 0, Juan Martin Gallego 3, Marcos  Harriott 3, Sebastián Harriott 6. Total: 12.

St Tropez Polo Team/The Glorious 4: Corinne Schuler 0, Eva Bruhl 2, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5, Carlos Farinati 5. Total: 12.

Eleven Eleven/Sezz: Andy Biher 0, Shahe Kalaidjian 0, Pablo Jauretche 6, Lucas Labat 6. Total: 12.

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