On Monday at El Remanso Polo Club, in Lobos, the Copa Pascuas 2018 came to an end with the participation of 4 teams up to 16 goals. After the classic El Remanso and Lovelocks Cups, which take place during the Spring Season, the Hanbury family’s club organise this competition during the fall season. The title in the “Open” category was for Lovelocks, who beat El Carmen in the final matchday; on the other hand, La Alegría won the Handicap after defeating La Gama.

Participating Teams:
LOVELOCKS POLO STUD: Tom Severn 3, José Araya 4, Charlie Hanbury 6, Tom Beim 3. Total: 16.
LA ALEGRIA: Pablo Miguens 4, Ernesto Fernández Llorente 4, Adrián Laplacette 6, Adrián Laplacette 2. Total: 16.
EL CARMEN: Marcos Dartiguelongue 2, Tomás Dartiguelongue 5, Gastón Dartiguelongue 4, Ramiro Egaña 4. Total: 15.
LA GAMA: Benjamín Viale 4, Patricio Gaynor 4, Manolo Fernández Llorente 6, Ollie Cork 2. Total: 16.

Full results:
Matchday 1:
Lovelocks Polo Stud 10-8 La Gama
El Carmen 8-11 La Alegría
Matchday 2:
Lovelocks 7-6 La Alegría
El Carmen 10-5 La Gama

Picture Gallery:

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