Last Sunday, Michael Bickford, one of the top polo patrons in the world in terms of level, became one of the happiest people alive. After losing the Queen’s Cup for two consecutive years (2016 against Dubai and 2017 against RH Polo), finally he could celebrate after beating Park Place 9 goals to 7.

“Third year lucky as they say, but we fought hard, we were determined. I think today there was no option but to win; i guess that’s what happened.” Bickford states.

Not only La Indiana won the Queen’s Cup, but also Michael Bickford receive the winning prize this time from Queen Elizabeth. “I think she’d see me a few times before, she’s one of the most fascinating people in the world. Last year she was very kind to me and had some words, and this year we were talking about the Cup and her doll house and some other things. But she is very special and this cup is probable one of the most special cups to win in the world of polo”.

On the title and the game plan: “We are all super happy, the team is…everyone is playing hard, play great together, that’s the most important thing. We just have to stick with our plan and stay tight with the man; we did switch that after the half. I started going forward to Tommy (Beresford), Alec (White) went back, that helped a little bit. Maybe that changed the rhythm of them.”

To conclude, he remembers a very special person in his life: “I want to dedicate this to my mum, she passed away 35 years ago and she didn’t get to see any of the grandchildren or any of this, but I know she is watching. I also want to dedicate this to my teammates and the coach, we all played really well together. It’s about a team. If you don’t come together as a team every game these thing don’t happen.”

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