The second day of 10- goal cup of the 19th jodhpur season opened in a clear sky with breeze. 4 teams were getting ready to fought against each other for the game of polo and their main aim was victory. The Crowd was very excited and cheerful. Passion for polo was enriching in the eyes of players and crowd wasn’t lying back to provide them immense amount of motivation.

Chandna Cavalry Polo v/s Sahara Warriors The first match of the 10- goal cup of the 19th Jodhpur Season, day 2, was in between Chandna Cavalry Polo and Sahara Warriors. Both teams are well known for their gaming styles that is “Attacking” and their glorious comebacks. Here was the team squad of both teams-

CHANDNA CAVALRY POLO :1.Capt. Mrityunjay Chouhan -2, 2.Mr. Ashok Chandna +1, 3.Col.Ravi Rathore +5,  4.Manolo F. Llorente +6 Total= +10

SAHARA WARRIORS  1.Mr. Sameer Mecca -2 , 2.Mr. Pranav Kapur +2  3.Mr. Siddhant Sharma +4 , 4.Mr. Simran Singh Shergill +6 Total= +10 Total= +10

The first chukker of the match was opened by the score 2-1 where Chandna Cavalry polo was ahead of Sahara Warriors with the help of Manolo.F. Llorente awe-inspiring goal. Both the Teams were working very hard defensively as well as attacking wise too. The score by the end of the chukker was 2-1 to Chandna Cavalry Polo. That ends the story of 1St chukker. The second chukker began with the goal by Siddhant Sharma taking the score level equal. Within couple of minutes, Chandna Cavalry Polo gave up a silly penalty to Sahara. Siddhant Sharma converted the penalty easily for Sahara warriors. Sahara warriors leads with 3 goals to 2 by Chandna cavalry Polo. Simran Singh Shergill, star of Sahara warriors, strikes the ball very well towards the goal which saw Siddhant to strike it towards the open goal. At last, the 4th goal scored by Siddhant. Only 2 minutes and 27 seconds were remaining for the 2nd chukker to be finished and Manolo.f. Llorente stepping ahead to get his team a comeback. Manolo.F. Llorente controls the game for his team which led to a penalty in favour of Chandna Cavalry Polo. Manolo.F. Llorente converted the penalty very beautifully. After a couple of seconds, Ravi Rathore of chandna strikes the ball clearly to Ashok which led to the equaliser of the match in the 2nd chukker. Ashok of chandna cavalry Polo topping the goal for his team. Hereby ends the 2nd chukker with the score level 4-4 equal.

The 3rd chukker began with a spirit of victory in both the houses and the crowd was very fascinated to see the remaining half of the game. Beginning of the 3rd chukker, a penalty was given in the favour of Sahara warriors. Penalty goal by Simran Singh Shergill led to the 5th goal for Sahara warriors. Now, the score remains 5-4 to Sahara warriors in lead. The ball was with Simran which got pressurised by Ravi who strikes the ball very well was well defended by Ashok. People are clapping for Ashok for his incredible defensive duties. Suddenly out of nowhere, Manolo scores a beautiful goal for Chandna Cavalry Polo that resulted into 5th goal. After couple of minutes, Simran Singh Shergill scoring the 6th goal for Sahara Warriors. End result for the 3rd chukker was 6-5 to Sahara Warriors.

The 4th chukker began, which saw Sahara warrior’s Siddhant scores two beautiful goals and one goal was scored by Ravi of chandna Cavalry Polo which resulted into score 8-6 to Sahara Warriors. This ends the 4th chukker too. The final score of the match was 8-6, congratulation to Sahara Warriors for their victory over Chandna Cavalry Polo.


The First match of the 10- goal cup of the 19th jodhpur season, matchday 2, was in between Jodhpur and Polo Heritage. Both teams are well known for their passion towards the polo sports. Jodhpur is the hometown team of the cup and let’s see which team will go further towards victory.

Here was the team squad as follows-

JODHPUR POLO:1.Bh. Kartikeya Singh 0, 2.Bh. Janmejai Singh +1, 3. Mr. Angad Kalaan +3, 4.Syed Basheer ali +5.

HERITAGE : 1. Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary 0 ,1 2. Kr. Yogeshwar Singh +1  3. Mr. Emilio Urrea Kirby +4,  4.Syed Basheer ali +5.

The first chukker began with a loud cheer for the hometown team- Jodhpur. The crowd was full as they wanted to see their hometown in action. Jodhpur will start with half goal advantage in the first chukker. After couple of minutes within the 1st chukker, 30-yard penalty was handed towards Jodhpur. The penalty was beautifully placed in the goal by jodhpur. With a sudden of minutes, Dhruvpal strikes down towards Dhananjay who tops it into the goal. The score is now 1 ½-1 to Jodhpur. At the end of the 1st chukker, Angad Kalaan got a penalty which he beautifully scores from 40 yards. That ends the 1st chukker of the game and the score is as follows- 2 ½-1 To Jodhpur.

The 2nd chukker began with a great spirit by both the teams, In the starting, Syed Basheer ali scored a beautiful goal for jodhpur. Just after that, Angad got a penalty for Polo heritage which he missed. Person besides me quote- “missing penalties are traditional of great teams”. Nevertheless, Basheer ali taking the ball in the enemies’ goal and provide a beautiful chance for tapping for Angad, which Angad beautifully tapped in and resulted into the goal for Jodhpur. Emilio promotes the ball resulted into the penalty in the favour of Polo heritage. Dhruvpal hit the penalty high and misses. Out of nowhere, Emilio beautifully takes a turn and shot, it resulted into a fantastic goal. Dhruvpal was very close to the other halfway goal. The result of the 2nd chukker was 4 ½-2 to Jodhpur.

The third chukker starts with 60 yards penalty in favour of polo heritage. Dhruvpal scores a very beautiful penalty. Dhruvpal beautiful controls the bouncing ball and take a shot beautifully that resulted into a very well goal. Now the score is 4 ½-4 to Jodhpur. Dhruvpal godara like a flash scores another goal. Commentator says that Dhruvpal Godara is one of the best strikers in polo in the Indian nations. Penalty to Jodhpur, Angad Kalaan easily converting the penalty for Jodhpur. Dhananjay of Polo Heritage scoring a goal. Polo Heritage takes a lead against jodhpur in their hometown, Jodhpur. Dhruvpal scores a goal. The end result of 3rd chukker is 7-5 ½ to Polo Heritage. The 4th chukker began with 2 goals scored Emilio and Dhruvpal for Polo Heritage whereas Kartikeya scoring the goal for Jodhpur. Here, ends the 4th chukker, the score is 9-7 ½ to Polo Heritage.

Congratulation to the Polo Heritage for victory over Jodhpur. The 2nd matchday of 10- goal cup of the 19th Jodhpur Polo Season held at MGSF Polo ground opened on a high note for Sahara Warriors and Polo Heritage once again. Sahara Warriors won against Chandna Cavalry Polo by giving them tough battle by winning 8-6 and Polo Heritage won the match against hometown team- Jodhpur by 9-7 ½. Both the match was very riveting and the crowd was very cheerful.

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