A new edition of the Sterling Cup is underway at Grand Champions Polo Club with a total of 8 teams up to 20 goals in competition. The tournament kicked off on Friday, March 2, with a two matches. The final is scheduled for Saturday, March 17.

Scores so far:
Day 1:
Tonkawa 9-7 Flexjet
Dutta Corp 10-9 SD Farms 10-9
Day 2:
Valiente 9-8 Audi
Travieso 12-8 U.S. Polo Assn.
Day 3:
Audi 12-9 SD Farms
Valiente 11-6 Dutta Corp
Tonkawa 12-8 Travieso
Flexjet 8-6 U.S. Polo. Assn

The Sterling Cup will resume on Friday:
Friday 9:
10am: SD Farms vs. Valiente
4pm: Audi vs. Dutta Corp.
Saturday 10:
10am: Travieso vs. Flexjet
3pm: Tonkawa vs. U.S.Polo.Assn
Tuesday 13:
Saturday 17:
3pm: Sterling Cup Final

Tonkawa: Jeff Hildebrand A, Sterling Giannico 3, Sapo Caset 10, Julian de Lusarreta 7.
Flexjet: Melissa Ganzi A, Salvador Lockey 2, Rodrigo Andrade 9, Alejando Novillo Astrada 8.
SD Farms: Sayyu Dantata 2, Costi Caset 5, Iñaki Laprida 7, Peco Polledo 6.
Dutta Corp: Timmy Dutta 2, Lucas Diaz Alberdi 5, Piki Díaz Alberdi 6, Matias Magrini 7.
Audi: Grant Ganzi 2, Marc Ganzi 2, Nico Pieres 8, Nic Roldan 8.
Valiente: Poroto Cambiaso 1, Bob Jornayvaz 2, Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Juan Britos 7.
Travieso: Tony Calle 3, Teo Calle 1, Sebastian Merlos 9, Tomás García del Río 7.
U.S. Polo Association: Juancito Bollini 4, Juan Bollini 5, Mike Azzaro 6, Jesse Bray 5.

STERLING CUP: Fixture & Teams

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