The Silver Whips 2018, second tournament of the tropezienne season, came to an end last Sunday at the Polo Club de Saint Tropez in the French Riviera. The competition saw five 10-goal teams in participation. After the finals were played and the prize giving, a new Sunday Polo event took place with a dinner and a party, “;Fiesta Cubana”.

The final results were as follows:
SILVER WHIPS FINAL: VT Wealth MGMT 7-4.5 St Tropez Polo Team
PARTIDO POR EL TERCER PUESTO: 1999 Polo Team 4.5-7 Dark Ice
Finals Standings:
1-VT Wealth MGMT
2-St Tropez Polo Team
3-Dark Ice
4-1999 Polo Team
5-F Polo Team
MVP: Thomas Fedier.
Fair Play Award: Helen Goddard-Watts.
BPP: Barra brava, played by Matias Nigoul.

Action at Polo Club de Saint Tropez will resume by the end of the week with the Golden Wave tournament, which will feature 8-10 goals teams.

Picture Gallery:
SILVER WHIPS 2018: Silver Whips Finals

SILVER WHIPS 2018: Fixture & Teams

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