Some weeks ago, the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) approved the rules that were tried during the 2017 Triple Crown; these rules will now be used across all levels of polo in Argentina.

After the positive changes brought about by the rules, and after a couple of years where Argentina, England and USA have been working together to align regulations, 2018 has so far seen much news regarding the new rules to be used in different places around the world.

In Dubai, where the Gold Cup Series is underway under the HPA ruling, the new rules are already being used. Peter Wright spoke about the changes to Pololine, and shared what’s to come for the upcoming English Season.

“We have new rules in Dubai, and in England there will be the same new rules. Having been tried in Argentina, it seems to work very well and it’s working well here,” stated Wright.

Rule 1, Blocking Rule: “The main rule changes are the blocking of the player hitting in; they can only be blocked by one person, his teammate can not come and take that guy out for him.”

Rule 2, Throw-in/Out of boards: “And also taking away the throw-ins when the ball goes out of the boards, and having a free hit to the team that hasn’t hit the ball out. It certainly speeds the polo here; in the last few days we’ve seen goals scored from those plays and it’s really made a huge improvement for polo.”

Rule 3, Helmet Regulations in England: “The most fundamental change is the fact that everyone now has to have a new safety helmet; it’s something that people need to sort of start thinking about now before the season in England, because you won’t be allowed to play unless you have one of the accredited helmets.”

“As far as I’m aware, they’re going to be in all levels.”

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