Focused on conquering their undefeated rivals, SD Farms challenged Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern for the Pete Bostwick Memorial trophy on Sunday, May 20, at New Bridge Polo & Country Club in Aiken, South Carolina. Previously losing by one goal in their first match up in bracket play, SD Farms maintained the lead throughout the game, claiming the title 10-6.

SD Farm's Juan Martin Obregon and Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern's Lucas Arellano. ©Katie Roth.
SD Farm’s Juan Martin Obregon and Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern’s Lucas Arellano. ©Katie Roth.

Securing the first goal of the game, Hope Arellano converted an early Penalty 2 to put Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern on the board. Tristan Hurley answered back with a field goal followed by back-to-back goals from Juan Martin Obregon, allowing SD Farms to quickly triple the score by the end of the first. Proving consistent from the penalty line, Obregon’s accuracy was critical as he capitalized on a penalty conversion each chukker of the first half. Missing several penalty shot opportunities throughout, Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern went scoreless in the third, to end the half 5-2 in favor of SD Farms.

Most Valuable Player Tristan Hurley.
Most Valuable Player Tristan Hurley. ©Katie Roth.

Continuing the momentum into the fourth and exhibiting great defensive skill, SD Farms shut out their opponents for the second consecutive chukker. Hurley contributed two field goals while teammate Obregon picked up his second Penalty 4 conversion, increasing their team’s lead in the fourth 8-2. Unable to answer a single goal since the second, Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern regrouped and retaliated strategically in the fifth. Mirroring the previous chukker, SD Farms found themselves scoreless while Hope Arellano claimed two consecutive penalty conversions followed by a field goal from her father Julio Arellano. The single goal of the sixth for Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern came off the mallet of Chilo Cordova, every player contributing to the final tally. Obregon, high-scorer of the game, would seal SD Farms’ victory with his sixth goal, bringing the final score 10-6.

Best Playing Pony was awarded to Julio Arellano's Goosebumps.
Best Playing Pony was presented by Tara Gail Bostwick and awarded to Julio Arellano’s Goosebumps. Pictured with Dolores “Jalisco “Garcia. ©Katie Roth.

Contributing three of SD Farms’ 10 goals, showcasing exceptional play beyond his handicap, Tristan Hurley was named Most Valuable Player. “I felt great about the game,” shared Hurley. “It was the best one we have played to date. We made very few mistakes, and helped each other. Juan Martin played exceptionally well. We didn’t change the game plan, we just executed better and kept the fouls to a minimum.” Best Playing Pony honors were awarded to 8-year-old Thoroughbred mare Goosebumps, played by Banks Mill/Carolina Eastern’s Julio Arellano in the fifth chukker.

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