RH comes out on top after first week of Pacific Coast Open



RH rode into their first match of the Silver Air Pacific Coast Open with confidence having just won the USPA America Cup the previous weekend defeating Farmers & Merchants Bank 11-9. With their first two wins of the Pacific Coast Open under their belts, RH is leaving nothing to chance in hopes of claiming the title in 2018. The five team, three-week tournament follows an everybody plays everybody format with four of the five teams advancing to the semi-final round.


Latest results:

FMB 11-9 Sol do Agosto

RH 13-12 Lucchese


Pacific Coast Open will continue on Wednesday:

2pm: RH vs Klentner Ranch

4pm: Lucchese vs Sol de Agosto








The Old Westbury 12-Goal Cup is underway at Meadowbrook Polo Club with 5 teams in participation. The date for the finals are yet to be decided..



The Island House: Peter Holowesko 0, Keko Magrini 1, Toro Ruiz 6, Pedro Gutiérrez 5. Total: 12.

IGEA: Adam Lipson -1, Emma Joinnides 0, Joaquín Panelo 6, Matías Magrini 7. Total: 12.

White Birch: Jamal  Nusseibeh -1, Chris Brant 0, Nick Manifold 3, Mariano Aguerre 8. Total: 10.

La California: Kevin Hamilton -1, Mackenzie Weisz 1, Marcos Garcia Del Rio 5, Gusi Garcia Del Rio 5. Total: 10.

Van Lith Ranch: Mark Van Lith 1, Segundo Merlos 2, Gastón Lisioli 5, Tomás Franco 4. Total: 12.






The Mount Sopris Cup came to an end last Sunday at Aspen Valley Polo Club.


FINAL: Tonkawa 13-11 Mandarina Dark

MVP: Sapo Caset.

BPP: Paulina, played by Alejandro Astrada.

Player of the Day: Alejandro Novillo Astrada.


Subsidiary Final 1: Mexico 12-11 Los Amigos Red

Subsidiary Final 2: Mandarina White 9-7 La Karina



Tonkawa: Jeff Hildebrand, Mason Wroe, Sapo Caset, Jimmy Seward.

Mandarina Dark: Melissa Ganzi, Alejandra Foster, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, Nacho Novillo Astrada.

Mexico: Billy Steta / Eloy Vallinni, Lucas Lalor, Juan Bollini, Carlitos Gracida.

Los Amigos: Paul Foster, Kris Kampsen, Nacho Badiola, Stewart Armstrong.

Mandarina White: Marc Ganzi, Grant Ganzi, Nic Roldan, Juancito Bollini.

La Karina: Brian Boyd, Toto Collardin, Pablo Dorignac, Alex Gooding.






The Colorado Open Polo Championship 2018 is taking place at Valiente Polo Club with 4 teams up to 20 goals in competition.


Latest results:

Scone 8-6 Colorado

Valiente 10-9 Hawaii Polo Life

Hawaii Polo Life 12-10 Colorado


The final is due on Saturday, August 25th.



Hawaii Polo Life: Chris Dawson 2, Nano Gracida 4, Tommy Collingwood 5, Diego Cavanagh 9. Total: 20.

Valiente: Bob Jornayvaz 2, Santi Torres 6, Poroto Cambiaso 2, Adolfo Cambiaso 10. Total: 20.

Scone: David Paradice 1, Agustin Nero 6, Agusto Gómez Romero 5, Guillermo Terrera 8. Total: 20.

Colorado: Rob Jornayvaz 1, Juan Martín Obregon 5, Pablo Spinacci 6, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 7. Total: 19.


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