2018 USPA Rules

Rule 26
Note: The “Improper Blocking” provision of Rule 26 set forth below will take effect on January 1, 2019. The provision is available through the variance process to member clubs and Host Tournament Committees who wish to use it in 2018 events provided that they use USPA Professional Umpires and provide feedback to the Rules Committee.  

Improper Blocking: 

During the execution of a knock-in, Penalty 5.a or 5.b, or a free hit resulting from a ball hit out of bounds, an offensive player may not deliberately block a defensive player from marking the offensive player’s teammate who has a play on the ball (i.e., deliberately set a pick on a defending player). When an offensive player improperly blocks a defensive player, the Umpires shall call a foul and award an appropriate penalty. Improper Blocking may or may not constitute Dangerous Riding, and result in a yellow or red flag under Rule 33, depending on the degree of danger as determined in the discretion of the Umpire. 

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