a. Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to the following, shall not bepermitted.
• Appealing to the Umpires or Officials
• Unwelcome talking to an Umpire
• Vulgar or abusive language
• Disrespectful attitude toward any official, player, coach, or spectator
• Arguing with Umpire(s) or other officials
• Inappropriate behavior by any member of a team organization
• Delay of game for a player or mount
• Unnecessary tack time out
• Swinging the mallet in a windmill or helicopter type fashion as in appealing for
a foul
• Dangerous riding as described in Rule 26
• Improper use of the mallet as described in Rule 28
• Rough or abusive play as described in Rules 27 and 28.
• Deliberately striking another player or a mount
• Excessive violation of the whipping rule
• Hitting the ball after the whistle or horn has sounded
• Intentional or reckless hitting of the ball outside the safety zone
• Knowingly striking the ball when it is off the field of play
• Intentionally striking a ball during play in such a way that it may cause injury to
a spectator or official, or damage property

b. The Umpire will follow the procedure outlined below:
(1). Yellow Flag: The Umpire shall immediately award a yellow flag to a player
who demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct as described above.
(a.) The player’s first Yellow flag (offense) in a game will result in a penalty
and may increase or decrease an existing penalty’s severity.
(b.) A second offense will be a second yellow flag and the player will sit out for
the following two minutes of play with no substitute at a location designated
by the Umpire and/or the Host Tournament Committee.
(2) Red Flag:
(a.) A player’s third offense (red flag) in a game will result in suspension for
the remainder of the game with no substitute allowed for the next two minutes
of play. After that, a substitute will be allowed for the balance of the game and
the player will remain suspended for the following game with a substitute allowed. All substitution rules apply. This penalty may be increased by the Host
Tournament Committee and/or the Association. The Umpire(s), at their sole
discretion, may award two yellow flags or a red flag with imposed penalties as
described above for a player’s first offense.
(b.) If a player demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct after the game ends, the Umpire shall award a yellow flag and the player will start their next game with a yellow flag. This penalty may be increased by the Host Tournament Committee and/or the Association. If the player has no remaining games in the Event, the penalty will be carried over to the first game of the player’s next Event of equal or higher handicap.

c. A player may not leave the field of play during the course of a period without the permission of the Umpires except to change a pony, a mallet, or for a legitimate reason. Unauthorized departure from the field (automatic red flag) will result in suspension for the next game in the Event. If there are no remaining games in the Event, the player will be suspended from the first game of the next Event of equal or higher handicap, and may be subject to further sanctions imposed by Host Tournament Committee and/ or the Association.

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