The Tournoi de la Ville, second leg of the Polo de Paris Triple Crown, came to an end on Sunday at Bagatelle. The tournament saw six 10-goal teams in competition. Matches were held between Bagatelle and Sainte Mesme over three weekends. Sainte Mesme took the title for a sixth year in a row after beating La Concepcion 6 goals to 3 in the final. On the other hand, Kazak/Outsiders won the Round Robin and finished third.

Saturday’s results were as follows:
La Concepcion 4-6 Sainte Mesme
Coupe de la Ville de Neuilly: Red Falcon 3-4 Le Pommeray
Coupe Ganay: Kazak/Outsiders 7-4 Land Rover

FINAL TOURNOI DE LA VILLE: Sainte Mesme 6-3 La Concepcion
Coupe du President: Kazak/Outsiders 3-2.5 Le Pommeray
Coupe Caballo: Red Falcon 3-2.5 Le Pommeray
Coupe des Crocodiles: Red Falcon 2-3 Kazak/Outsiders

Umpires: Martín Aguerre & Juan José Díaz Alberdi.

The season at the Polo de Paris continues on Saturday with the highlight of the Parisian calendar: the 124th Open de Paris Engel & Volkers.

Picture Gallery:

TOURNOI DE LA VILLE: Fixture & Teams

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