A new edition of the San Eugenio Ladies Cup came to an end on Saturday in Lobos, where six 12-goal teams (women’s handicap) were in competition. After the first two days, the final was set between La Dolfina Brava and El Metejón.

El Metejon got off to a strong start, scoring quickly, but La Dolfina Brava found their footing very quickly. They tied the game and went on to claim a 4-1 advantage. El Metejón missed several opportunities to score. They could not control seventeen year old Milagros Sánchez, later named MVP of the final, who scored to take La Dolfina Brava 5-3 up in the last. The last minute and a half of the match was played under a heavy rain.

FINAL – SAN EUGENIO LADIES CUP: La Dolfina Brava 5-4 El Metejón
La Dolfina Brava: Milagros Sanchez 6, Clelia Crespo 3, Ann Rodger 2, Verónica Posse 1. Total: 12.
El Metejón: Sol López Llames 5, Alice Servaes 3, Fleur Van Andel 3, Catalina Lavinia 0. Total: 11.
MVP: Milagros Sánchez.
BPP Argentine Breeders Association: Dolfina Tántrica (Open Chimento x Taboo). Owner: Andrea Ferreira. Player: Milagros Sánchez.
MVP Amateur: Fleur Van Andel.
Best Mounted: Lía Salvo.
Fair Play Award: Andrea Ferreyra.
COPA DE LA AMISTAD: Polo Park Zurich 3-6 La Dolfina Brava II
COPA CAVALIER: La Araucaria-Escorihuela Gascón 6.5-7 Matrioshka Polo Team

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