The Silver Whips 2018, second tournament held at the French Riviera, kicked off on Friday at Saint Tropez Polo Club in the French Riviera. The tournament sees five 10-goal teams in competition.

The first results were as follows:
1999 Polo 11-10 F Polo Team
St Tropez Polo Team 9-4.5 Dark Ice
St Tropez Polo Team 10-9 1999 Polo
F Polo Team 7-9 VT Wealth MGMT
Dark Ice 11.5-5 1999 Polo
VT Wealth MGMT 8-7 St Tropez Polo Team

Silver Whips 2018 resumes on Wednesday:
5pm: F Polo Team vs Dark Ice

SILVER WHIPS 2018: Fixture & Teams

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