Snake Bite wins the final of the Spink and Son Cicero Cup

Confido team faced defending champions Snakebite in the finals. Confido featured Creighton Boyd, Shaun Brokensha, Mark and Luke Tomlinson while Snake Bite featured Max Kirchoff, David Ashby, Matt Perry and Jack Richardson.

The first chukker went in Snake Bite’s favor as it ended at 2-1. Snakebite made it 3-1 but Confido leveled things up in the second thanks to strong play by Mark Tomlinson as he scored an equalizer at the closing stage of the second chukker to make it 3-3 for Confido from a field goal.

Snake Bite thanks to Richardson and Matt Perry managed to move 2 goals clear, but a penalty by Mark Tomlinson and another quick-fire goal by Boyd saw the score tied at 5-5 right before halftime.

Perry scored at the start of the fourth chukker to make it 6-5 for Snake Bite, and David Ashby extended the lead to 7-5 soon after. There were no more goals and the score heading into the final chukker was 7-5 in favor of Snake Bite.

The final chukker saw Richardson scoring two more goals for Snake Bite to make it 9-5. Luke Tomlinson pulled one back but it wasn’t enough and Snake Bite was crowned winners for the second time in two years by 9 goals to 6.

Jack Richardson’s Corneca was judged Best Playing Pony of the match, and Matt Perry was awarded Most Valuable Player. A new prize for Horsemanship, awarded by Polo Quarterly Magazine, was also awarded to Matt Perry

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