Dallas Polo Club located in Red Oak, Texas, recently hosted the Southwest Circuit Women’s Challenge between GAJE (Gemma Allman, Allison Bowker, Julia Forney and Eloria Snyder) and Spiders From Mars  (Calyste Hanks, Tami Thomsen, Cinderella Von Falkenhausen, and Robin Sanchez).

“There’s not a legal way to have more fun than playing polo! We had a perfect start to the Dallas Polo Club’s field season with a great group of riders from Dallas, Houston and Australia competing in our first USPA Women’s Tournament,” said long-time Dallas Polo Club player, Tami Thomsen. “Our team was led by Robin Sanchez, who traded in her umpire jersey for a player’s jersey.” Thomsen’s Spiders From Mars team were victorious.

Gemma Allman added, “the women’s tournament was such a great event. Local and inter-state players came together for a fun, competitive match.  As always, at the post-match asado, goal sounded more impressive, every foul more outrageous, and every ride-off more amazing. Dallas Polo Club provides such a supportive environment for developing players as well as high-grade polo. Most importantly, it is always a fun, social environment to learn, improve and play your best.”

Robin Sanchez was awarded Most Valuable Player and Redding, owned by Dr. Allison Nelson and played by Julia Florey was named Best Playing Pony. “We plan on making this an annual event at Dallas Polo Club a fun, competitive event for women players,” said Dallas Polo Club founder Bill Walton.

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