Thai Polo 10-Goal League kicks off on Thursday

The Thai Equestrian Federation Cup 2018, opening tournament of the Thai Polo 10-Goal League, kicks off on Thursday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. Five 10-goal teams are set to compete; matches will be four chukkas long and the competition will be played under HPA rules.


Thai Polo 10-Goal League: Thai Equestrian Federation Cup (Dec. 27-30), Stephan Chimfunshi Cup (Feb. 8-10) and Chinese New Year Cup (Feb. 21-24).



AXUS: Brian Xu 0, Liu Xiangyang 0, Diego Gómez 4, Darío Musso 6. Total: 10.

LA FAMILIA: Imbran/Nana -1, Michael Taylor 3, Shaik Reismann 2, Agustín Andrada 5. Total: 9.

THE NEXT LEVEL: Aron Harilela 1, Pierre Jauretche 2T, Damián Marcos 3, Nicolás Pieroni 4. Total: 10.

THAI POLO: Harald Link 0, Juan Martín Gallego 2T, Juan pedro Girou 3, Carlos Pando 5. Total: 10.

22BR: William Zhao 0, Claude Haberer 0, Nacho Garrahan 3, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5. Total: 8.



Thu 27:

3pm: The Next Level vs La Familia

4pm: Thai Polo vs AXUS

Fri 28:

4pm: 22BR vs The Next Level

Sat 29:

3pm: La Familia vs Thai Polo

4pm: Axus vs 22BR

Sun 30:

2:45pm: Round Robin

4pm: FINAL


Umpire: Steve Evans

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