Thai Polo & La Sarita reach RSPC Open final

The RSPC Open 2018 is underway in Malaysia, at Royal Selangor Polo Club. The tournament, organised by the Royal Malaysian Polo Association, sees four 12 goal teams in competition.


RMPA International League:

-Thai Polo Open (Won by Royal Pahang)

-RSPC Open 2018

-RMPA Classic

-RMPA International League Final


First results:

La Sarita 8-1.5 Royal Pahang

Thai Polo 8-5.5 La Familia

La Sarita 10-6.5 La Familia

Royal Pahang 4.5-8 Thai Polo


The RSPC Open resumes on Wednesday:

3pm: Royal Pahang vs La Familia

4:30pm: La Sarita vs Thai Polo


The finals of the RSPC Open 2018 are scheduled for Saturday, August 4th.


Top Scorers:

Matías Torres Zavaleta, 10.

Agustín Andrada, 7.

Rauli Laplacette & Ginés Bargalló, 6.

Juan Manuel García Grossi, 5.



Thai Polo: Harald Link 0, Juan Manuel García Grossi 1, Carlos Pando 5, Rauli Laplacette 6. Total: 12.

La Sarita: Ameer Jumabhoy 1, Agustín Andrada 4, Matías Torres Zavaleta 7, Asad Jumabhoy 0. Total: 12. Reserves: Ali Jumabhoy 0, Mohd Amirul Farhan 1.

Royal Pahang: HRH Tengku Hassanal Shah 1, HH Tengku Muhammad Shah 0, Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7, Tengku Shazril 3. Total: 11.

La Familia: Mohamed Moiz 1, Michael Taylor 3, Shaik Reismann 2, Ginés Bargalló 5. Total: 11. Reserve: HH Tengku Amir Ibrahim 1.



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