The second Malaysian Leg of the RMPA International League 2018, the RMPA Classic, came to an end on Saturday at Royal Selangor Polo Club, Malaysia. The tournament saw four 13-goal teams in competition.


RMPA International League 2018:

-Thai Polo Open (Won by Royal Pahang)

-RSPC Open 2018 (Won by Thai Polo)

-RMPA Classic (Won by Thai Polo)

-RMPA International League Final


RMPA CLASSIC GRAND FINAL: Thai Polo 8-4.5 Royal Pahang

BPP: Mandinga. Owned by Thai Polo and played by Raul Laplacette.

MVP: Rauli Laplacette.

Subsidiary Final: La Sarita 5-3.5 La Familia.


Top Scorers:

Rauli Laplacette, 14 goals.

Tomasito Fernández Llorente, 11.

Matías Torres Zavaleta, 9.

Juan Manuel García Grossi, 8.

Ginés Bargalló & Carlos Pando, 5.


RMPA International League 2018 Standings:

Thai Polo, 39 points.

Royal Pahang, 30 points.

La Familia, 16 points.

La Sarita, 13 points.



Thai Polo: Harald Link 0, Juan Manuel García Grossi 2T, Carlos Pando 5, Rauli Laplacette 6. Total: 13. Reserve: Dato Quzier Ambak 0.

La Sarita: Ameer Jumabhoy 1, Agustín Andrada 4, Matías Torres Zavaleta 7, Asad Jumabhoy 0. Total: 12. Reserves: Ali Jumabhoy 0, Mohd Amirul Farhan 1.

Royal Pahang: HRH Tengku Hassanal Shah 1, HH Tengku Amir Ibrahim 1, Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7, HH Tengku Shazril 3. Total: 12. Reserve: HH Tengku Muhammad Shah 0.

La Familia: Dato Mohamed Moiz 1, Michael Taylor 3, Shaik Reismann 2, Ginés Bargalló 5. Total: 11. Reserves: Muhd Faizal (Cupita) 1, Abdul Rashid Hasman 1.


Umpires: Steve Evans and Adrian Wade.



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