The 2018 Armed Forces International Polo Tournament

The 2018 Armed Forces International Polo Tournament ended in Abuja on Sunday with the Warriors of Morocco emerging champions after defeating their Pakistani counterparts by 11 goals to 6.

The four-day event which took place at the 1212 Polo Club had teams from six countries participating, with Nigeria, Morocco, the U.S., India, Pakistan and Egypt as the countries.

Both finalists started the game with so much enthusiasm and were at par for most of the first and second chukka, but Morroco ended the third chukka with a slight lead and by the end of the fourth overran their opponents.

The final event was attended by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, who represented President Muhammadu Buhari, as well as the Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali.



Lt Col Sammer Chaudhary 2

Maj Arjun Patil 2

Maj Yatindar Kumar 1

SWR Santosh 0


Adel Mohamadin 0

Mohamed Saleh 1

Mohamed El Swedy 2

Marwan Mostafa 2


Maj Haseeb Minhas 2

Maj Salman Feroz 0

Lt Col Usman Azad 2

Maj Adil Sultan Rao 1


Lt Col Y Bello 0

Lado Ibrahim 2

Abdulmalik Badamasi 2

Col Kakazir 1


Jeff Palmer 0

Chris Jones 1

Alex Wicker 0

Paul Knapp 2


Cpt Sidi Mohammed El Mhamdi 1

Lt Ahmed Mounkachi 0

SGT Moulay Abdeslam el Hanafi 0

Santiago Novillo Astrada 4

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