The Copa Tanoira close to the last stage

The Copa Tanoira is always one of the most traditional polo tournaments of the argentine season, celebrating the edition number 14 this year, this event is an homage to the great Gonzalo Tanoira. Now in its second week of competition and in the road to its final stage, scheduled for Friday November 30th. The tournament is held in Cuatro Vientos Polo Club, home of the Tanoira family in Gral Rodriguez area.

Oranized together by Minuto Siete and Licere PR, the final is due on November 30th.


Latest results:

  • Mumbai La Sarita 6.5-7 Chateau D’Aulne
  • Las Palmeras 6-7 Doña Pancha
  • Las Monjitas 6-8 Amanara
  • La Trinidad 7-6 Los Cocos
  • The Island House 8-9 La Biznaga
  • Las Palmeras 4-6 Altamira
  • La Calera 7-8 Doña Pancha


The Copa Tanoira resumes on Monday:

  • 11am: The Island House vs Las Monjitas
  • 4pm: Los Cocos vs Chateau d’Aulne
  • 5pm: La Trinidad vs Mumbai La Sarita
  • 6pm: La Biznaga vs Amanara


COPA TANOIRA: Fixture & Resultados

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