The Ladies Nations Cup 2018 launches The Women’s Arena Polo Series

The Ladies Nations Cup 2018, will see England go head-to-head against Scotland on the 25th November at the RCBPC (Berkshire) in the first tournament of the newly launched Women’s Arena Polo Series. The Women’s Arena Polo Series will see a total of six women’s arena tournaments played throughout the season at clubs around the UK.


The Women’s Arena Polo Series is the only ladies polo tour of its kind in the UK and has been established to provide a platform for ladies polo, patrons and players. The Ladies Nations Cup is focussed particularly on younger professional players to help give them the exposure they need to showcase their talent and its future ambitions will be to host a number of national teams. The Women’s Arena Polo Series will be played at The Berkshire, Hickstead, Ash Farm and Westcroft starting on the 25th November with the Ladies Nations Cup and ending on 4th March at Ash Farm Polo Club.


Thank you to Flannels, the luxury fashion retailer who joined forces with the Hurlingham Polo Association in 2017 to support the England Polo Team in all their equine endeavours.


Playing for England will be:


Nell Jacobs (Arena Handicap 2): Nell has been playing for 12 years, having started playing with the Hampshire Hunt Pony Club. She went on to represent England U18 and now represent England Ladies Team. Nell now plays out of Royal Berkshire Polo Club in everything from 2-12 goal whilst working for Oscar Mancini Managing his club and Polo School.


Lolly Stanhope-White (Arena Handicap  3): Lolly has ridden all her life and has grown up hunting and in the PC. Both her mother and father played Polo and Lolly first picked up a mallet at the age of 7. Since then she has been selected as part of the HPA development program from the age of 12 and has been fortunate enough to play in Argentina, South Africa, Germany and represent an England team in America. She spent her gap year playing in Wellington, Florida focusing on furthering her Polo career. Alongside Polo, Lolly is also at the University of Bristol in her second year studying Philosophy.


Charlotte Sweeney (Arena Handicap 2): Since joining her local pony club at the age of eight, Charlotte has been playing polo for 17 years. Charlotte balances work as a Polo Manager at Arena Polo Club Ash Farm Polo with her career as a professional polo player. The sport has taken Charlotte to many locations around the world including Germany, Ibiza and Mexico.


Thank you to Kirriemuir, a private sponsorship by Joanne Ross Matheson.


Playing for Scotland will be:


Rosie Ross (Handicap 3): Rosie began her polo career working as a groom at her local stable aged 12. Over the last 20 years she has worked her way up to become one of the UK’s best female players. Rosie has played across the world in many exotic locations and was part of the winning English Ladies Team in Argentina. She now develops thoroughbred youngsters through Berkshire Polo Club and helps coach young polo players. Rosie also runs her own livery Business where she looks after several polo ponies.


Kirsty McBride (Handicap 2): She started to play polo with the Vale of Aylesbury pony club. She continued to play through university which allowed her to play in lots of different countries including playing on Elephants in India. She now balances polo with a career in investments.


Izzy McGregor (Handicap 2): Izzy, currently in her second year at The University of Bristol studying International Business Management, began playing polo aged 5. A highlight of her polo career was being selected for the Thai Polo Ladies International game, playing for Swarovski England in 2017. Polo has taken Izzy to some incredible locations including south Africa, Argentina, st tropez and Barbados. She has played for Nipas Polo for three years, playing in the Spanish Ladies Championships and the UK circuit. Izzy has just recently been moved to a 6 goal handicap and is looking forwards to an exciting 2019 season.


The 25th November will be England and Scotland going head-to-head for the battle of the Nations and the first ever Ladies Nations Cup. Afterwards, there will be drinks and fun in the clubhouse where everybody is welcome to join.


The remaining dates are:

-December 8-9: Hickstead Ladies Tournament, Hickstead Polo Club

-January TBA: Westcroft Ladies Tournament, Westcroft Park Polo Club


*19-24: British Open, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club

*23-26: Minutti Ladies Cup for the Ladies British Open, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club

-March 3-4: Ash Farm Ladies Tournament, Ash Farm Polo Club

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