“Being part of Team UPA is a good opportunity for my career. ”  – Grant Ganzi

Grant Ganzi talked about his excellent present, he played the U.S. Open and joined Team USPA, “I think I can try to accomplish more of my dreams now, like playing in England or Argentina,” he told CLICKPOLOUSA.

Not even half the year has gone by, but 2018 has already given a lot to Grant Ganzi. He played a lot of polo during the Wellington season, including his first participation in the U.S. Open, and now he’s one of the new members of Team USPA. No doubt, a lot for one of the young promises of American polo. “Playing the U.S. Open was one of my dreams since I was young. I think I can try to accomplish more of my dreams now, like playing in England or Argentina,” said Grant about the most important tournament outside of Argentina.

The nine new members of Team USPA were published last week, and Grant was one of them. “I’m very happy, I always wanted to be part of Team USPA and learn from Adam Snow and Owen Rinehart. I want to play in FIP international tournaments for the U.S. I think being part of Team USPA is a good opportunity for my career. I was just in Aiken for the tryouts, and I believe that Team USPA can help me get what I need.”


Playing the U.S. Open and joining Team USPA are two big steps in Grant’s career. However, his sights are set higher. “I want to get the highest handicap I can! I want to play a high-handicap tournament in Argentina, and one in England. I would love to be a patron one day, and to have the best mares available. Winning a cup with my best friends would also be amazing, and winning everything with my family, too” Grant Ganzi has many dreams, and he has accomplished a few of them in 2018. “What I learned the most about was playing as a team and trusting my teammates.”

Very few players in history get to play the U.S. Open. The first experience in said competition is always special. Grant Ganzi talks spoke of it fondly. “I’m very proud of my work and how our team played against DRF, which won the tournament. Playing with someone who is like a brother to me, Juancito Bollini, was also a dream come true. I learned a lot from the best back in the world, Juan Martin Nero, and then again playing with Negro Novillo Astrada, whom I had already played often with, but still helped me on the field. I think that what I learned the most about was playing as a team and trusting my teammates, and that in return they would trust me. Playing more as a team helped us do better and be closer to each other. I think we improved with every passing match.”

The Wellington season wasn’t only about the U.S. Open for Grant, “January and February could have been better. Playing the Ylvisaker with dad was fun, a different experience. I think I did well. I played a lot during January and February, but in March and April I played less overall to focus on the 26-goal and the 100,000, which really helped.” Grant’s plans for the rest of the year are set: “I’ll stay in Aspen, and then Grand Champions. I’ll have a vacation in June, and then I’ll be working for a month in Dallas. I’ll end the year with snow polo in December and spend Christmas with my family.”

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