The Polo Masters kick off in its two categories

The action in Polo Club de Saint Tropez has no break! The Polo Masters will start to roll on Thursday with 10 teams in participation split into 2 categories: 10 and 15 goals. Chateau D´Aulne and Antelope will open fire in the higher level while the 10-goals will start on Friday morning. Both finals are due on Sunday July 29, together with another edition of “Sunday Polo”.

Among the most relevant players are Martincito Aguerre, Pablo Jauretche, Tete Storni, Jota Chavanne. The winners of the latest IPC, Antelope and VT Wealth MGMT, will also participate despite this time, Sacha Fedier´s team will do it in the lower category.


15-Goals Category

  • Las Plantas: Peter Kis 0, Esteban Panelo 4, Tete Storni 5, Tete Fanelli 4.
  • Chateau D’Aulne: Juan Harriott 1, Alexis Pouille de Balkany 2, Nito Uranga 6, Sebastian Harriott 6.
  • Dark Ice: Helen Goddard-Watts -1, Juani González 5, Santiago Zubiaurre 5, Juan Martín García Laborde 5.
  • Antelope: Geoffrey Palmer 0, Guillermo Li 4, Jota Chavanne 5, Patricio Cieza 6.
  • Marquard Media: Thomas Rinderknecht 0, Nacho Kennedy 4, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Martincito Aguerre 7.

10-Goals Category

  • Battistoni: Alessandro Barnaba -1, Pierre Jauretche 2, Goffredo Cutinelli 3, Pablo Jauretche 6.
  • Antelope: Grant Palmer 0, Caroline Anier 2, Edouard Pan 4, Guillermo Li 4.
  • Sagax: Luc Hardy 0, Emmy Goddard-Watts -1, Matías Nigoul 4, Marcos Harriott 3.
  • La Concepcion: Hans Spek -1, Simon Zavaleta 3, Martin Joaquin 4, Diego Braun 4.
  • VT Wealth Management: Thomas Fedier 0, Sacha Fedier 0, Matías Carrique 4, Gerardo Mazzini 6.

The opening game of the Polo Masters is scheduled as follows:

– 6pm, (15-goals): Chateau d’Aulne vs Antelope


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