UAE Polo Wins the UAE National Day Cup 2018

The Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club hosted another successful tournament as it concluded the UAE National Day Cup 2018 with UAE Polo Team as its winner. Lead by the team’s patron Her Highness Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; the team proudly lifted the trophy in celebration of their victory over Habtoor Polo scoring 7- 6.


The 10-goal tournament was held in honour of the UAE’s 47th National Day, and the Club had delivered more than just an action-packed afternoon. The usual Friday Polo Picnic, a tailgating tradition that has been a part of the polo scene, made a lot of polo picnic parkers in UAE themed cars happy as they received 2 La Perle tickets.


Visitors relaxed in gazebos and blankets while the little ones enjoyed the dedicated kids area in  which the huge bouncy castle and free pony rides proved popular. Food and ice cream trucks were on site ready with their delicious servings.


The subsidiary final saw Dubai Wolves/Rhinos Polo compete with Mahra Polo team leading to a final score of 6 – 4.5 in favour of Mahra.


The final opened with the call for the UAE National Anthem. Balloons in the colours of the UAE flag were released, and presentation of each player followed. At the blow of the whistle, the teams engaged in a tight match and the game progressed with teams tied at the end of the first half at 2 – 2. At halftime, two prizes worth AED 2,500 in cash and vouchers were won during the Gold Coin Hunt and the UAE National Day Race.


The game continued with the same intensity as it started with the third chukker ending at 4 – 4. Habtoor Polo took the lead as Hugo Lewis ran onto a long pass from Tommy Iriate, picked up a bouncing ball in the air and hit a neck shot from 100 yards out on the volley. As the last minutes ensued, UAE Polo was able to score two succeeding goals with the last one close to the buzzer and declaring them as the victor of the UAE National Day Cup 2018.


MVP: Tomás Panelo.

BPP: O. Hakkinen from Habtoor Polo Team.



UAE: HH Sheika Maitha 0, Guillermo Healy 2, Tomas Panelo 4, Nacho Acuña 4. Total: 10.

Habtoor Polo Team: Mohammed Al Habtoor 0, Justo Cuitiño 3, Hugo Lewis 3, Tomás Iriarte 4. Total: 10.

Mahra Polo Team: Rashid Al Habtoor 0, Tariq Al Habtoor 1, Diogo Gallego 5, Daniel Gariador 2. Total: 8.

Wolves/ Rhinos: Habtoor Al Habtoor 1, Stuart Wrigley 0, Ariel Ponzi 2, Jake Daniels 4. Total: 7.

Bangash Polo Team: Haider Bangash 0, Dr. A 0, Mauro Gómez 2, Federico Von Potobsky 6. Total: 8.

Bin Drai: Rashid Bin Drai 1, Khalid Bin Drai 1, Mohammed Bin Drai 1, Andres Laplacette 4. Total: 7.


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