USPA America Cup underway in Santa Barbara

The first week of the three week long Maserati of Santa Barbara USPA America Cup comes to a close with Klentner Ranch currently leading the pack with a 2-0 record. Each team will play the other four teams in bracket play with the top record advancing straight to the final. Teams ranked second and third play a mini semi-final for the second position in the final. Farmers and Merchants Bank altered their lineup, adding Tomas Alberdi and Matt Walker to the roster for Marcos Bignoli and Nachi Viana. Restoration Hardware now has Santi Von Wernich and Iñaki Laprida back from the English season.


Round 1:

Klentner Ranch 12-6 Farmers & Merchants Bank

Restoration Hardware 12-7 Sol de Agosto


Round 2:

Sol de Agosto 10-9 Farmers & Merchants Bank

Klentner Ranch 10-8 Lucchese


The USPA America Cup will continue on Friday:

2pm: Farmers & Merchants Bank vs Restoration Hardware

4pm: Sol de Agosto vs Lucchese


The final is scheduled for Sunday, August 12th.



Klentner Ranch: Jesse Bray 6, Mariano Obregon 6, Remy Muller 3, Justin Klentner 1.

Farmers and Merchant Bank: Danny Walker 2, Lucas Criado 8, Tomas Alberdi 4, Matt Walker 2.

Lucchese: Carlos Ulloa 3, Facundo Obregon 6, Jeff Hall 7, John Muse A.

Restoration Hardware: Ben Soleimani A, Santi Von Wernich 5, Iñaki Laprida 7, Geronimo Obregon 4.

Sol de Agosto: Francisco de Narvaez 1, Paco de Narvaez 7, Adam Snow 5, Nico Escobar 3.




FMB took early control of the Rincon League Summerland Cup final last Saturday and never looked back, winning the battle of undefeated teams 13-10 over Whitehall Ranch. Benjamin Avendaño, scoring over half of FMB’s 13 goals, came away with the MVP award, but he was quick to say that the win would not have been possible without his teammates. Whitehall Ranch didn’t go down without a fight. Facundo Obregon gave it his all, scoring 8 of Whitehall Ranch’s final 10 goals. Paquito de Narvaez tallying the remaining two. Bill Lane’s talented mare Mouse was the BPP. Obregon bred and sold Lane Mouse and still plays her mother today in high goal chukkers. Earlier in the day, Gainesway defeated Klentner Ranch and Barrossa defeated Novis in the consolation rounds.

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